Giving yourself a Grimoldi jewel means entering an extraordinary and bright dream, the world of those who make imagination a way of life.


June 2019 – Never Stop Running

The Grimoldi “Meccanico” collection inherits and highlights the concept of a warrior princess, of a fearless, radiant and confident woman. The ring is made with extreme care in gold and precious gems, it bends effortlessly leaving fingers free, like an armor of precious stones. A luxurious piece of jewelry with an innovative design for those who know how to distinguish themselves.


March 2019 – Artworks, not simple watches

The imposing beauty of the phoenix, or firebird, and its mythological history exalt the dream of immortality and foresight, well expressed by the skillful combination of precious stones and colored gems.


January 2020 – Attenzione manca testo tradotto

The PEACE&LOVE collection fully represents the Grimoldi brand’s mantra: living life according to Love! A precious heart-shaped stone set on a shiny ring embellished by the “LOVE” claim.