Prestigious Horology Masterpieces

A quality watch is a sign of class and distinction, a unique accessory, made precious by the accurate manufacture, the use of high quality materials and the perfect interior mechanism, realized with great mastery and able to guarantee an impeccable precision. The watches created by Grimoldi Milano come from a great passion towards these objects in which the technique meets the beauty and from the awareness of the importance that a watch assumes in your life, whose presence is often linked to an important present, a special occasion, and then it marks the everyday time, sharing with us every experience and memory. The horology collections Grimoldi Milano are created on a drawing in which the aesthetic and the design are a pleasant twine of the classical and the modern style, with a sometimes bold use of the colour, creating particularly suggestive chromatic effects. A watch Grimoldi Milano is a travel through a fantastic world where time assumes a different value, made by beauty and creativity, inventiveness and a continuous renewal of shapes and colours.